It's Me

There you are. I’ve been waiting.
Oh please, come in. Have a seat.
No, no don’t worry about me.

Tell me baby, what is it you need?

Would you like me to…
Lick you, suck you?
Taste you, fuck you?

Whatever you want,
Asking is the key.
No need to thank me.

I’m all you need.
Just ask and you’ll receive.
No reason to worry about my needs.

I’m here for you.
Pour everything into me.
I’ll hold it all, while you’re buried inside me.

I’ll climb onto your lap.
Dig my nails in and pull your hair.
Sink my teeth into the sweet flesh of your neck.

Make you bleed.
Ride your cock.
Fuck you till you scream.

Now tell me baby, what is it you need?

Do you want me to…
Lick you, suck you?
Swallow you, fuck you?

Let me remind you of a few things…
When you’re alone and your cock is in your hand.
Just remember that it’s me.

…It’s me that you see.
…It’s me that you taste.
…It’s me that takes everything.


  1. Nice! It reads like a song. Very lyrical. :)

    Wendi Darlin

  2. Ooh, I like this poem. You make it easy on your lover, and this reader. Thxx xo

  3. I read it three times already...and it just keeps getting BETTER!

  4. I think this is one of your best poems.

  5. Writing the love scenes -- truth, vulnerability, heat, power, whatever -- is hard for me. You make it seem so easy! And fun! I think I'm going to find a hot picture to represent each love scene, like you have a picture posted. Get the juices flowing ;)