Watch Me

Tell me, how do you devour me within your mind?
When you’re alone, can you feel your skin against mine?
I can sense you watching me as I dance.
I often wonder what stops you from making your move.
What keeps you rooted in your seat?
That’s it, lick your lips. Yes.
Is your mouth watering too?
Do you crave just one little taste?
I’m sweeter than a peach, some might say.
I want to know, does that make your cock ache?

Am I the star in your private fantasies?
You’ve been starring in mine for quite some time.
Center stage, it’s always the same.
You’re larger than life, settled between my welcoming thighs.
Hot lips rest on the bend of my neck.
Little nips of your teeth.
Your tongue soothes the welcome sting.
Finger tips trace designs over my flesh.
My nails dig in, tearing lines down your spine.
A low moan, yours or mine?
Your body arches and you enter my heat.
Thick and long, sinking deep.
Wrapping my legs tightly around.
Pulling you close, holding you inside.
Begging you.
Harder, harder please.

That’s it, shift in your seat.
Does your skin itch to feel my touch?
For now, watch me dance.
But tonight when you’re alone,
With your cock thick and throbbing in your palm,
Stroke it slowly, thinking only of me.
Grip it tightly, thrust your hips.
Imagine it’s my heat swallowing you deep.
When you come, scream my name.
And know, that it’s me
Who owns you.


  1. Damn Good poem! I love it!

  2. Absolutely amazing. I loved it. Found you through a tweet by MelissaEcker and so glad that I did. I am definately following now!
    If you get the chance check out my 2nd blog "Naughty Nothings" at

    I think you'd enjoy it.

  3. Horny is the word...