Below is a snippet from my upcoming release "Avoiding the Badge." 

It's the first in a 3 book series called ARIZONA K9! 

I hope you enjoy it! 


Rayna Michaels may be a veterinarian, but she knows a little something
about the human heart—especially when it comes to worried pet owners.
Law enforcement’s bonds with their K9 partners are legendary, and Derek
Hansen is a perfect example—he’s had his dog Axle in more times than
she can count in the last few months. And Derek’s sculpted muscles and
heart-stopping smile would be truly irresistible, if only he wasn’t an officer
of the law . . .
Derek can’t get Rayna’s stunning face and no-nonsense smarts out of his
mind. Any excuse to see her will do, until he works up the nerve to ask
her out. He’s not sure where her resistance to cops comes from, though
he’s more than willing to prove he’s one of the good ones. But when casual
dating turns into explosive lovemaking, Derek knows he has to come clean
about his past before the woman he loves finds out what he’s been hiding 
and turns tail to run . . .

Chapter 1 Snippet

“Ahem... Heeeee’s heeeere.”

At her head vet tech’s declaration, Doctor Rayna Michaels looked up
from the lab report she was reading in the back of the main treatment area
and furrowed her brow. “I’m sorry. Who is ‘he’?”

Andrea leaned her hip against the counter and dipped her chin. “Seriously?”

“Always.” Careful to keep her expression blank, Rayna stared at the woman.
Andrea sighed and rolled her eyes. “He as in the hottest pet owner we
have.” Even as Rayna returned her focus to the lab report in her hands,
Andrea continued. “Come on, really? He as in ‘the cop’ who’s so freaking
hot we could fry an egg on his unbelievable abs. We haven’t seen the abs,
but we all know he’s got them. In spades. The same he who’s so totally
into you—so into you that the rest of us are green with envy.”

He was not and they were not. Rayna sighed and set the report back
on the counter. Yes, she knew exactly who Andrea was talking about, but
no way was Rayna going to let her vet tech know that.

And yes, Officer Derek Hansen was handsome—very handsome in
fact. The kind of handsome every hot-blooded woman, self-assured man,
or more specifically a gay man—her receptionist Billy had pointed out
last time Officer Hansen had been in—on the planet took notice of. If
they didn’t, they were likely dead, because very handsome was not only
accurate, it was also an incredible understatement.

Dark, close-cropped hair, just a little longer on top. Dark, straight brows.
Green eyes. Full lips. Always clean-shaven, but Rayna bet he looked good
with a five o’clock shadow, too. His nose wasn’t perfect, but it fit his face
perfectly. And then there was his body...

* * *

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