Friday, February 15, 2013

Honey and Ice

Desi pushed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, leaned over the pool table and took aim on her target. “Eight ball, side pocket.”

Steph watched from her perch at the high-topped bar table against the wall. “You’ll never make it.”
Desi let out an unladylike snort, took her shot and sank the eight ball. “Made it. Kiss my ass.” She grabbed her beer and took a long pull.

“Which part? You’re all ass.” Steph slid off her chair. “As your partner in crime, this is something I’m well aware of.” She grabbed some quarters from the edge of the bar box. “You wanna play another game?”

Desi took a seat and scanned the crowd that’d gathered in the past hour. Not many had shown up from their regular crew. A couple was shooting darts in the back corner. A few older bikers sat around sharing a pitcher of beer.

“Sure. Rack ‘em.” Desi swallowed the last of her beer and glanced at the entrance when she heard the growl of a few bikes pulling up. She drew in a deep breath as butterflies took flight in her stomach. If she were lucky, her latest obsession was about to walk through the door any minute and she’d be able to mentally undress him with her… hell, there he was.

“Griffin just rolled in.” Desi moved to Steph’s side and watched the biker make his way to the bar.

“Yay! You’ll be nice and distracted now, and I might actually win this game.” Steph elbowed her and smiled, her brown eyes glittering in excitement.

“Ha! You wish.” She lined up on the cue ball and took her shot. Colors scattered over the green felt and the five ball dropped in a corner pocket. “Solids.”

“Fuck me. You almost always sink a ball on the break.”

“You remember in my drunken stupor last weekend I told Baron to let Griffin know his presence was requested in my bed, right?” She took her shot, but missed. “You’re up.”

“I believe you said something about wanting to lick honey off his body, if I’m not mistaken.”

Desi cringed. “I might’ve mentioned something about that too. I was about four beers and a shot in at that point. You should’ve taped my mouth shut.”

“Please. I had to roll your ass to bed that night. You think Baron told him?”

“I hope not. ” Desi glanced over at him. “Griffin’s gorgeous and basically sex on a stick. Way more than I could ever hope to handle.”

Griffin leaned against the bar in his usual spot, a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft pressed to his lips. His shaggy dark hair hung low on his forehead and he ran a fingerless gloved hand through it. He was tall, over six feet tall, and built like a brick shit house. Griffin turned his head and pinned Desi with a stare then crooked his finger indicating her to come to him.

Desi’s breath caught and she nodded. Damn, her feet felt rooted in place and she had to give herself a mental kick in the ass to get moving. Goddamn, he’s beautiful. She walked the short distance without tripping over herself or anyone else, thank fuck.

She gazed up into his light hazel eyes. “You beckoned?”

“I did.” He smirked. “Was hoping I’d find you here tonight.”

“Yeah, why’s that?” Desi rocked her denim-clad hips from side to side.

“I got a message this week.” He scratched his goatee.

“Did you?” Oh, shit. Play it cool, Desi.

Griffin tipped his bottle back, but kept his gaze locked with hers, then nodded.

The man was solid muscle, honed the old-fashioned way, by manual labor. She eyed the smattering of tattoos on his arms. Various black and grey skulls covered one forearm and the other had a grim reaper and crows. Both designs extended up his hefty biceps and disappeared under the sleeves of his T-shirt.

“What was the message?” Desi crossed her arms over her chest.

“You all stocked up on honey?”

She blurted a laugh and felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. “I always have honey, Griffin. It’s one of my favorite treats.”

“That so? Let’s go for a ride.” He set his beer down and walked past her for the door.

Desi ran through the crowd back over to Steph. “I’m going with him. Don’t wait up.”

“Enjoy the ride.” Steph shook her head and laughed.

When she stepped outside, Griffin was straddling his motorcycle as it rumbled loudly between his solid thighs. Desi pressed her hand to her stomach in an effort to calm her nerves. She’d had her eye on him for months, but hadn’t made a move. Griffin had an air of confidence that rolled off him in palpable waves and Desi could feel his presence all the way to her toes before she knew he was around. It made her body hum and tingle, and made him more than a little intimidating.

He looked up at her; cigarette clenched between his lips and patted the small bitch seat behind him. “Mount up.”

Desi gripped his shoulder, stepped onto the foot peg and swung her leg over the sissy bar. Once seated, she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Ready.” She had no idea where they were going and really, she didn’t care. All that mattered was she was riding on the back of Griffin’s bike and with any luck, him later.

The summer night air felt cool once they were moving and tickled her bare arms. She pressed herself closer to his back as they sped through the dark winding hills and back roads. He slowed the bike and navigated into the small dirt parking lot of the local town lake.

“What’re we doing here?” She smoothed her hands around his sides stealing a feel of his narrow waist before letting go and getting off the bike.

“I like it here. Come on.” He dismounted, shot her a grin and walked away.

She hesitated a moment in an attempt to tamp down the nervous energy steadily consuming her body and then followed. The area had a few lampposts scattered about, but for the most part, this area of the park was dark.

Griffin sat down on a bench, stretched his long legs out in front of him, then lit a smoke.
She walked a few feet ahead of him and stared out at the water. “It’s pretty here at night.”

The tall maple trees in this section danced and swayed in the light breeze, their leaves making their own melody in the night.

After a few minutes, he finally spoke, “C’mere, Des.”

Desi loved the way her name sounded on his lips. She turned and stepped in front of him. “Yes?”

He sat up and snubbed out his cigarette on the ground then grabbed her hand and tugged her forward to straddle his lap. “That’s better.”

What would he do to her? Willingness and anticipation vibrated in her limbs as she settled against his muscled body. She placed her hands on his shoulders and gazed down at him.

His eyes were shadowed in the distant lighting and moonlight, but his expression was clear. Confident and sure of his cravings; he looked like a man who was used to getting whatever he wanted.

Griffin traced her lips with his fingertip then trailed it down her chin to her throat. “Tell me about the honey.”

I’m going to burn to ash. “Well,” she ran her hands down his chest, “I want to pour honey all over you.” Desi’s skin prickled with heat.

He raised both brows. “And then what?” Griffin moved his hands down her sides to her waist then to her ass.

“Then I’d lick and suck you clean, of course.”

“Honey can get pretty sticky.” He tightened his grip on her ass and nipped her chin.

She gasped as the butterflies in her stomach burst into flames. “Ice cubes.” Desi ran a hand up the back of his neck then threaded her fingers through his thick black hair.

Griffin kissed a fiery path from her jaw down to her throat, biting and sucking the sensitive areas. “Ice cubes, huh?”

“Mnhmm, ice cubes cut the stickiness. Fuck, that feels good.” Desi pressed her tits against him and drew in his scent: leather and cigarettes, and the aroma of night.

He pulled away from her neck, grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth for a kiss.

A moan escaped her when their tongues collided and a hum began in her lower belly as her cunt clenched in rhythm with her pulse.

He released her hair and gripped and massaged one breast in his big palm, then stroked over her ass with the other, as he possessed her mouth completely. Griffin licked and sucked at her tongue, then started biting her lips. Hard.

Desi hissed from the pain when he tugged her bottom lip between his teeth. She pulled away, ran her tongue over it and groaned when the familiar taste of copper hit her taste buds. He’d bitten her hard enough to make her bleed. 

Holy shit, no one had ever done that before. It stung and her adrenaline kicked into high gear until she felt drunk. She tingled everywhere with a desperate need for more.

“I like to bite and you taste good.” He kissed her again. His tongue stroked over hers and he gripped her face in one hand, biting her top and bottom lips, tugging then licking over each to soothe the sting.

His cock was rigid behind his zipper and she rocked against him, enjoying the pressure on her pulsing clit. Desi pulled at his shirt, eager to reach his skin. She needed to touch him. His chest, his stomach… his everything.

Griffin released her mouth and drew in a breath. “Does your pussy taste as sweet as honey, Des?”

Des. Des. She shivered. Goddamn, her name dripped off his tongue like syrup and she wanted to suck on each drop. “Are you going to bite me there too?” She licked up the side of his neck to his ear and nipped at the lobe.

He growled and stood holding her against him and walked them to the nearest metal picnic table. Her ass hit the cool edge and she slid herself back a little, watching in awe as he pulled off his shirt, revealing a flaming Chinese dragon on one pec and a samurai warrior on the other. On his rippled abs, in Old English lettering, was the word Motherfucker.

Griffin bent over her, tugged her halter top down exposing both breasts and took one nipple into his mouth as he rolled the other between his fingertips.

A searing bolt of lightning shot straight to her clit. She arched beneath him and ran her nails down his shoulder. He kissed and licked a path down her stomach until he reached her jeans, then looked up at her as he tugged open the top button.

Desi kicked off her boots so he could slide her jeans off. “You’re going to fuck me on a picnic table at the lake aren’t you?”

“Looks like it. But, first, I plan to fuck your hot cunt with my mouth. Then I’ll fuck you with my cock.” He tugged her panties down. “You got a problem with that, Des?” Spreading her legs he licked through her slit.

Desi couldn’t breathe enough to answer. Griffin was licking her cunt like a lollipop, and her body was weeping in ecstasy. Did she have a problem with it? Hell. Fucking. No.

He dragged his tongue through her folds several times, lapping at her entrance, before latching on to her clit and sucking. Griffin groaned and released the swollen bud then drove his tongue inside her cunt.

The slurping sounds from his persistent devouring were almost enough to send her into oblivion. Desi’s head swam in liquid pleasure as the tension built deep in her womb. She held on to his hair with her fingers and rode his face, staring up at the tall maple trees shrouding the sky above her.

“Your pussy is sweet, Des. So fucking sweet.” He slid two calloused fingers inside her core then took her clit in his mouth again. This time he bit it.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh my God, Griffin.” Desi closed her eyes and stars burst behind her lids. She raised her hips off the metal surface as her orgasm rolled through her. She could barely breathe as her cunt clamped down in his fingers and her clit pulsed and twitched in release.

Mercilessly he continued to bite and suck her clit, and drive his fingers in and out of her as she came. When he finally released her, she was whimpering and shaking from head to toe.

“Sweet, sweet, Des.” Griffin unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

She blinked to clear her vision as his long, thick erection came into view. Desi’s eyes widened in excitement. “Shit, I just won the cock lottery.” She licked her lips. “Let me taste you, Griffin.”

“Lottery?” He chuckled. “Next time I’ll let you suck it.” He stroked his prick in his palm. “I’m a selfish motherfucker and right now I need to fuck your tight pussy.” He pulled a condom from his back pocket and rolled it on. Then slid her to the edge of the table and rubbed the swollen head over her clit.

Her body shivered in anticipation. Yes, she wanted to have her mouth stretched over his thick shaft, but Desi wanted him inside her cunt even more. His cock was a delicious temptation.

Griffin stood between her spread legs sliding his prick through the folds of her pussy, rubbing her clit then dragging it back toward her entrance. “Pretty, bald pussy.” He slid just the head in and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“Sweet hell, you’re killing me,” Desi whined as her cunt clenched on the head of his cock and she raised her hips urging him deeper.

He gripped her hip and held her still. “Don’t. Giving you more is up to me.” He slid in a little deeper then drew out again. “Look at your pussy sucking the head of my dick, Des.”

Desi rose on her elbows and stared down at where their bodies joined. “Jesus.”

Watching him slide inside her body as her slick channel stretched to accept him made her heart race and sent chills running along her spine causing goose bumps to rise on her skin. She placed her hands between them and spread her labia, framing his cock between her fingers. “Please? More, Griffin, please?”

His grit his teeth and slid in deeper. “Woman! Fucking hell.” He slid his arms under her knees, gripped her ass and rammed inside her deep as he could go.

The invasion of his full length and girth had her crying out and cursing loudly, her words echoing around them. She sat up fully, gripped the back of his neck and kissed him. Lips and teeth colliding as he pumped into her relentlessly and she stroked and licked his tongue with each thrust.

She ripped herself from his mouth and gazed at him. “You feel so fucking good.” Desi bit her bottom lip and he growled. Every time he made that sound, her clit pulsed and her pussy got wetter. Could she get him to do it more? “You want to bite me again, don’t you?”

Griffin stopped mid stroke and looked at her. His face was tight and a nerve ticked in his jaw. “Topping from the bottom, I see.”

“What does tha—”

He kissed her hard, sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. In the next second, he released her mouth, flipped her over and bent her over the table.

She landed with thud and before she could gain her bearings, he had her ass in his hands and slammed his cock back inside her. “Oh fucking Christ!”

“Rub your clit and don’t come until I say you can.”

He leaned over her body and nipped her earlobe. “You heard me and unless you want your hot ass tanned, you’ll do as I say.”

Holy shit, she hadn’t expected this; had never experienced anything like it before, either. She reached between her legs as he’d instructed and rubbed her clit. She moaned at the contact and he fucked her faster. Would he spank her? The thought had her pussy clenching down tight on his cock. She was about to come.

“So tight. Fuck your pussy is good.” He shifted his hips and the swollen head of his prick stroked over her g-spot. “That’s it, Des. Rub that hot clit of yours.” He bit down on her shoulder.

“Griffin. I can’t… Oh God, I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet.” He replaced her hand with his own and rubbed tight little circles over the throbbing flesh then pinched it. “Now. Come now, Des.”

Desi screamed as her climax detonated inside her womb and her pussy spasmed and clenched repeatedly around his solid erection.

Griffin pulled his hand away and gripped her side. Solid hips slapped against her ass as he shuttled his cock in and out of her savagely. 

“Fuck. Yes. Yes.” His dick jerked inside her as his own orgasm pumped through him. He thrust once more before collapsing over her, panting in her ear.

Desi could barely breathe and was completely overwhelmed. She’d figured the sex would be awesome, but she hadn’t expected his sexual dominance. It had definitely turned out to be exactly up her alley.

“You okay?” Griffin smoothed his hand up her side.


He rose off her and helped her up, then turned her in his arms. “Get yourself dressed.” He grabbed his shirt, stepped back and walked away from her.

Desi looked around for her clothes. Her halter top was still around her waist at least, but her panties and jeans were in a pile on the ground. She donned them both then slid on her boots. Steph is gonna shit when I tell her about this. She looked up when she heard the rumble of the motorcycle starting up.

Griffin stood next to his bike smoking a cigarette. He caught her gaze and once again, crooked his finger, beckoning him to her as he’d done in the bar.

This time she moved without hesitation. He smiled at her, looped a finger in her belt loop and pulled her closer.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Where to now?”

“Your place. I believe you have some honey to lick clean.” He swatted her ass.

Desi giggled. “Don’t forget the ice. The ice is very important.”

“I hear it cuts the stickiness.” He smirked and mounted the bike.

She climbed on behind him and putting her hands under his shirt, ran them over his stomach. “I’ll be happy to demonstrate.” She kissed the side of his neck.

Griffin nodded and tore out of the parking lot, kicking up rocks and dirt. She giggled and held on to him for dear life. Griffin was a wild ride she knew damn well she’d be taking again.