Friday, February 15, 2013

Honey and Ice

Desi pushed her long blonde hair over her shoulder, leaned over the pool table and took aim on her target. “Eight ball, side pocket.”

Steph watched from her perch at the high-topped bar table against the wall. “You’ll never make it.”
Desi let out an unladylike snort, took her shot and sank the eight ball. “Made it. Kiss my ass.” She grabbed her beer and took a long pull.

“Which part? You’re all ass.” Steph slid off her chair. “As your partner in crime, this is something I’m well aware of.” She grabbed some quarters from the edge of the bar box. “You wanna play another game?”

Desi took a seat and scanned the crowd that’d gathered in the past hour. Not many had shown up from their regular crew. A couple was shooting darts in the back corner. A few older bikers sat around sharing a pitcher of beer.

“Sure. Rack ‘em.” Desi swallowed the last of her beer and glanced at the entrance when she heard the growl of a few bikes pulling up. She drew in a deep breath as butterflies took flight in her stomach. If she were lucky, her latest obsession was about to walk through the door any minute and she’d be able to mentally undress him with her… hell, there he was.

“Griffin just rolled in.” Desi moved to Steph’s side and watched the biker make his way to the bar.

“Yay! You’ll be nice and distracted now, and I might actually win this game.” Steph elbowed her and smiled, her brown eyes glittering in excitement.

“Ha! You wish.” She lined up on the cue ball and took her shot. Colors scattered over the green felt and the five ball dropped in a corner pocket. “Solids.”

“Fuck me. You almost always sink a ball on the break.”

“You remember in my drunken stupor last weekend I told Baron to let Griffin know his presence was requested in my bed, right?” She took her shot, but missed. “You’re up.”

“I believe you said something about wanting to lick honey off his body, if I’m not mistaken.”

Desi cringed. “I might’ve mentioned something about that too. I was about four beers and a shot in at that point. You should’ve taped my mouth shut.”

“Please. I had to roll your ass to bed that night. You think Baron told him?”

“I hope not. ” Desi glanced over at him. “Griffin’s gorgeous and basically sex on a stick. Way more than I could ever hope to handle.”

Griffin leaned against the bar in his usual spot, a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft pressed to his lips. His shaggy dark hair hung low on his forehead and he ran a fingerless gloved hand through it. He was tall, over six feet tall, and built like a brick shit house. Griffin turned his head and pinned Desi with a stare then crooked his finger indicating her to come to him.

Desi’s breath caught and she nodded. Damn, her feet felt rooted in place and she had to give herself a mental kick in the ass to get moving. Goddamn, he’s beautiful. She walked the short distance without tripping over herself or anyone else, thank fuck.

She gazed up into his light hazel eyes. “You beckoned?”

“I did.” He smirked. “Was hoping I’d find you here tonight.”

“Yeah, why’s that?” Desi rocked her denim-clad hips from side to side.

“I got a message this week.” He scratched his goatee.

“Did you?” Oh, shit. Play it cool, Desi.

Griffin tipped his bottle back, but kept his gaze locked with hers, then nodded.

The man was solid muscle, honed the old-fashioned way, by manual labor. She eyed the smattering of tattoos on his arms. Various black and grey skulls covered one forearm and the other had a grim reaper and crows. Both designs extended up his hefty biceps and disappeared under the sleeves of his T-shirt.

“What was the message?” Desi crossed her arms over her chest.

“You all stocked up on honey?”

She blurted a laugh and felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. “I always have honey, Griffin. It’s one of my favorite treats.”

“That so? Let’s go for a ride.” He set his beer down and walked past her for the door.

Desi ran through the crowd back over to Steph. “I’m going with him. Don’t wait up.”

“Enjoy the ride.” Steph shook her head and laughed.

When she stepped outside, Griffin was straddling his motorcycle as it rumbled loudly between his solid thighs. Desi pressed her hand to her stomach in an effort to calm her nerves. She’d had her eye on him for months, but hadn’t made a move. Griffin had an air of confidence that rolled off him in palpable waves and Desi could feel his presence all the way to her toes before she knew he was around. It made her body hum and tingle, and made him more than a little intimidating.

He looked up at her; cigarette clenched between his lips and patted the small bitch seat behind him. “Mount up.”

Desi gripped his shoulder, stepped onto the foot peg and swung her leg over the sissy bar. Once seated, she wrapped her arms around his waist. “Ready.” She had no idea where they were going and really, she didn’t care. All that mattered was she was riding on the back of Griffin’s bike and with any luck, him later.

The summer night air felt cool once they were moving and tickled her bare arms. She pressed herself closer to his back as they sped through the dark winding hills and back roads. He slowed the bike and navigated into the small dirt parking lot of the local town lake.

“What’re we doing here?” She smoothed her hands around his sides stealing a feel of his narrow waist before letting go and getting off the bike.

“I like it here. Come on.” He dismounted, shot her a grin and walked away.

She hesitated a moment in an attempt to tamp down the nervous energy steadily consuming her body and then followed. The area had a few lampposts scattered about, but for the most part, this area of the park was dark.

Griffin sat down on a bench, stretched his long legs out in front of him, then lit a smoke.
She walked a few feet ahead of him and stared out at the water. “It’s pretty here at night.”

The tall maple trees in this section danced and swayed in the light breeze, their leaves making their own melody in the night.

After a few minutes, he finally spoke, “C’mere, Des.”

Desi loved the way her name sounded on his lips. She turned and stepped in front of him. “Yes?”

He sat up and snubbed out his cigarette on the ground then grabbed her hand and tugged her forward to straddle his lap. “That’s better.”

What would he do to her? Willingness and anticipation vibrated in her limbs as she settled against his muscled body. She placed her hands on his shoulders and gazed down at him.

His eyes were shadowed in the distant lighting and moonlight, but his expression was clear. Confident and sure of his cravings; he looked like a man who was used to getting whatever he wanted.

Griffin traced her lips with his fingertip then trailed it down her chin to her throat. “Tell me about the honey.”

I’m going to burn to ash. “Well,” she ran her hands down his chest, “I want to pour honey all over you.” Desi’s skin prickled with heat.

He raised both brows. “And then what?” Griffin moved his hands down her sides to her waist then to her ass.

“Then I’d lick and suck you clean, of course.”

“Honey can get pretty sticky.” He tightened his grip on her ass and nipped her chin.

She gasped as the butterflies in her stomach burst into flames. “Ice cubes.” Desi ran a hand up the back of his neck then threaded her fingers through his thick black hair.

Griffin kissed a fiery path from her jaw down to her throat, biting and sucking the sensitive areas. “Ice cubes, huh?”

“Mnhmm, ice cubes cut the stickiness. Fuck, that feels good.” Desi pressed her tits against him and drew in his scent: leather and cigarettes, and the aroma of night.

He pulled away from her neck, grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth for a kiss.

A moan escaped her when their tongues collided and a hum began in her lower belly as her cunt clenched in rhythm with her pulse.

He released her hair and gripped and massaged one breast in his big palm, then stroked over her ass with the other, as he possessed her mouth completely. Griffin licked and sucked at her tongue, then started biting her lips. Hard.

Desi hissed from the pain when he tugged her bottom lip between his teeth. She pulled away, ran her tongue over it and groaned when the familiar taste of copper hit her taste buds. He’d bitten her hard enough to make her bleed. 

Holy shit, no one had ever done that before. It stung and her adrenaline kicked into high gear until she felt drunk. She tingled everywhere with a desperate need for more.

“I like to bite and you taste good.” He kissed her again. His tongue stroked over hers and he gripped her face in one hand, biting her top and bottom lips, tugging then licking over each to soothe the sting.

His cock was rigid behind his zipper and she rocked against him, enjoying the pressure on her pulsing clit. Desi pulled at his shirt, eager to reach his skin. She needed to touch him. His chest, his stomach… his everything.

Griffin released her mouth and drew in a breath. “Does your pussy taste as sweet as honey, Des?”

Des. Des. She shivered. Goddamn, her name dripped off his tongue like syrup and she wanted to suck on each drop. “Are you going to bite me there too?” She licked up the side of his neck to his ear and nipped at the lobe.

He growled and stood holding her against him and walked them to the nearest metal picnic table. Her ass hit the cool edge and she slid herself back a little, watching in awe as he pulled off his shirt, revealing a flaming Chinese dragon on one pec and a samurai warrior on the other. On his rippled abs, in Old English lettering, was the word Motherfucker.

Griffin bent over her, tugged her halter top down exposing both breasts and took one nipple into his mouth as he rolled the other between his fingertips.

A searing bolt of lightning shot straight to her clit. She arched beneath him and ran her nails down his shoulder. He kissed and licked a path down her stomach until he reached her jeans, then looked up at her as he tugged open the top button.

Desi kicked off her boots so he could slide her jeans off. “You’re going to fuck me on a picnic table at the lake aren’t you?”

“Looks like it. But, first, I plan to fuck your hot cunt with my mouth. Then I’ll fuck you with my cock.” He tugged her panties down. “You got a problem with that, Des?” Spreading her legs he licked through her slit.

Desi couldn’t breathe enough to answer. Griffin was licking her cunt like a lollipop, and her body was weeping in ecstasy. Did she have a problem with it? Hell. Fucking. No.

He dragged his tongue through her folds several times, lapping at her entrance, before latching on to her clit and sucking. Griffin groaned and released the swollen bud then drove his tongue inside her cunt.

The slurping sounds from his persistent devouring were almost enough to send her into oblivion. Desi’s head swam in liquid pleasure as the tension built deep in her womb. She held on to his hair with her fingers and rode his face, staring up at the tall maple trees shrouding the sky above her.

“Your pussy is sweet, Des. So fucking sweet.” He slid two calloused fingers inside her core then took her clit in his mouth again. This time he bit it.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh my God, Griffin.” Desi closed her eyes and stars burst behind her lids. She raised her hips off the metal surface as her orgasm rolled through her. She could barely breathe as her cunt clamped down in his fingers and her clit pulsed and twitched in release.

Mercilessly he continued to bite and suck her clit, and drive his fingers in and out of her as she came. When he finally released her, she was whimpering and shaking from head to toe.

“Sweet, sweet, Des.” Griffin unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans.

She blinked to clear her vision as his long, thick erection came into view. Desi’s eyes widened in excitement. “Shit, I just won the cock lottery.” She licked her lips. “Let me taste you, Griffin.”

“Lottery?” He chuckled. “Next time I’ll let you suck it.” He stroked his prick in his palm. “I’m a selfish motherfucker and right now I need to fuck your tight pussy.” He pulled a condom from his back pocket and rolled it on. Then slid her to the edge of the table and rubbed the swollen head over her clit.

Her body shivered in anticipation. Yes, she wanted to have her mouth stretched over his thick shaft, but Desi wanted him inside her cunt even more. His cock was a delicious temptation.

Griffin stood between her spread legs sliding his prick through the folds of her pussy, rubbing her clit then dragging it back toward her entrance. “Pretty, bald pussy.” He slid just the head in and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“Sweet hell, you’re killing me,” Desi whined as her cunt clenched on the head of his cock and she raised her hips urging him deeper.

He gripped her hip and held her still. “Don’t. Giving you more is up to me.” He slid in a little deeper then drew out again. “Look at your pussy sucking the head of my dick, Des.”

Desi rose on her elbows and stared down at where their bodies joined. “Jesus.”

Watching him slide inside her body as her slick channel stretched to accept him made her heart race and sent chills running along her spine causing goose bumps to rise on her skin. She placed her hands between them and spread her labia, framing his cock between her fingers. “Please? More, Griffin, please?”

His grit his teeth and slid in deeper. “Woman! Fucking hell.” He slid his arms under her knees, gripped her ass and rammed inside her deep as he could go.

The invasion of his full length and girth had her crying out and cursing loudly, her words echoing around them. She sat up fully, gripped the back of his neck and kissed him. Lips and teeth colliding as he pumped into her relentlessly and she stroked and licked his tongue with each thrust.

She ripped herself from his mouth and gazed at him. “You feel so fucking good.” Desi bit her bottom lip and he growled. Every time he made that sound, her clit pulsed and her pussy got wetter. Could she get him to do it more? “You want to bite me again, don’t you?”

Griffin stopped mid stroke and looked at her. His face was tight and a nerve ticked in his jaw. “Topping from the bottom, I see.”

“What does tha—”

He kissed her hard, sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. In the next second, he released her mouth, flipped her over and bent her over the table.

She landed with thud and before she could gain her bearings, he had her ass in his hands and slammed his cock back inside her. “Oh fucking Christ!”

“Rub your clit and don’t come until I say you can.”

He leaned over her body and nipped her earlobe. “You heard me and unless you want your hot ass tanned, you’ll do as I say.”

Holy shit, she hadn’t expected this; had never experienced anything like it before, either. She reached between her legs as he’d instructed and rubbed her clit. She moaned at the contact and he fucked her faster. Would he spank her? The thought had her pussy clenching down tight on his cock. She was about to come.

“So tight. Fuck your pussy is good.” He shifted his hips and the swollen head of his prick stroked over her g-spot. “That’s it, Des. Rub that hot clit of yours.” He bit down on her shoulder.

“Griffin. I can’t… Oh God, I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet.” He replaced her hand with his own and rubbed tight little circles over the throbbing flesh then pinched it. “Now. Come now, Des.”

Desi screamed as her climax detonated inside her womb and her pussy spasmed and clenched repeatedly around his solid erection.

Griffin pulled his hand away and gripped her side. Solid hips slapped against her ass as he shuttled his cock in and out of her savagely. 

“Fuck. Yes. Yes.” His dick jerked inside her as his own orgasm pumped through him. He thrust once more before collapsing over her, panting in her ear.

Desi could barely breathe and was completely overwhelmed. She’d figured the sex would be awesome, but she hadn’t expected his sexual dominance. It had definitely turned out to be exactly up her alley.

“You okay?” Griffin smoothed his hand up her side.


He rose off her and helped her up, then turned her in his arms. “Get yourself dressed.” He grabbed his shirt, stepped back and walked away from her.

Desi looked around for her clothes. Her halter top was still around her waist at least, but her panties and jeans were in a pile on the ground. She donned them both then slid on her boots. Steph is gonna shit when I tell her about this. She looked up when she heard the rumble of the motorcycle starting up.

Griffin stood next to his bike smoking a cigarette. He caught her gaze and once again, crooked his finger, beckoning him to her as he’d done in the bar.

This time she moved without hesitation. He smiled at her, looped a finger in her belt loop and pulled her closer.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Where to now?”

“Your place. I believe you have some honey to lick clean.” He swatted her ass.

Desi giggled. “Don’t forget the ice. The ice is very important.”

“I hear it cuts the stickiness.” He smirked and mounted the bike.

She climbed on behind him and putting her hands under his shirt, ran them over his stomach. “I’ll be happy to demonstrate.” She kissed the side of his neck.

Griffin nodded and tore out of the parking lot, kicking up rocks and dirt. She giggled and held on to him for dear life. Griffin was a wild ride she knew damn well she’d be taking again.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Adrianna stalked into the den, seeking her target. He sat, quiet and motionless, laid back in his recliner, a blank look in his eyes. Like a statue, a lifeless doll, which was par for the course. His face was pale today, paler than normal and his lips arched low in a forced frown.

“We need to talk about this,” she said, hands on her hips in a defensive stance. “Answer me, Bob.”

Bob said nothing.

She circled the chair to face him, still unable to catch his gaze.

“Ya know, I am really sick of this. Sick of how you never give a shit about what I think or what I feel.” She turned and paced in front of him. “Sick to death of how I give every day. I take care of you. I bathe you, feed you, and dress you. I practically wipe your ass. What do I get for that, Bob?”

Adrianna had been with Bob for about forty years. Originally, they took care of each other. The last ten years or so had become… difficult, to say the least. Bob, no longer wanted to go out and their once entertaining, excitement filled relationship had turned into a chore. Adrianna was more like a nursemaid, or slave, depending on how she looked at it.

She stopped and looked at him again. “Nothing, that’s what, not a God damned thing.” Her body shook in frustration and she felt her face flushing with heat. “For fuck sake, Bob, look at me!”

Bob remained emotionless and motionless before her, with the exception of his pointer finger that occasionally twitched. Such a cold bastard when he wanted to be. Whenever she misbehaved or threw one of her tantrums he’d draw away from her. Leaving her to deal with her own self-made, dramatic misery, as he always put it. His way to punish her, she figured. And make no mistake, it was a punishment. This time, it had dragged on a few days. Enough already.

“Dammit, Bob. Stop it.” Adrianna wiped the wetness, now dripping down her cheeks. She loathed when he did this and could feel herself weakening, ready to give in. Yet again. It hurt to be shut out by him and she could never stand it for very long. Her chest tightened and ached, a knot lodged itself in her throat.

Still, Bob didn’t reply, but his reedy finger twitched. It was a standoff of sorts. And, who would win this time? Adrianna was determined it would be her. She’d rather go to hell and back before she gave in. Fuck him.

“Fine. Don’t talk. Don’t listen. Just do what you do, you cold son-of-a-bitch.” She stomped out of the den to the front foyer, calling over her shoulder. “Figure out how to get your own supper tonight, I’m not doing it.” She grabbed her coat and walked out.

Adrianna hopped in her car and drove downtown. The main streets were littered with dance clubs and bars, but that’s not what she wanted. She was looking for a specific bar, one on the edge of town, where the younger crowds didn’t migrate. When she found it, she settled her car out back, in the corner of the lot. Backing in the space to ensure a clean getaway if needed.

Adrianna prowled through the crowded biker bar seeking a different kind of target now. She was hungry, knew Bob was hungry, too. Let the bastard fend for himself. He doesn’t deserve me anyway. She forced the thought way. The bar was dark, like most of this type, and stunk to high heavens of spilled beer and sweaty bodies. She wanted a big one tonight and she had no intentions of sharing her boon with ol’ Bob, either. Nothing less would do.

She approached the mahogany bar and hollered over the loud music to the bartender. “I’ll take a Budweiser, bottle.”

She never touched the glasses in places like this, they never cleaned them well enough for her liking, nor did she drink beer from the taps, fuck knows the last time those lines had been cleaned out. She didn’t even want to contemplate the amount of bacteria running through them. Disgusting.

The bartender placed the bottle in front of her and took her cash. She turned, taking the first gulp of her beer and scanned the crowd. She spotted him, six foot - three inches of pure, unadulterated biker. She licked her lips. Oh, she liked this one. Long blonde hair, secured with tiny elastic bands set every inch down its length, to his lower back. She especially liked the prison tattoos covering each thickly muscled arm from shoulder to wrist. Yes, he’d do just fine. He was shooting pool with some dirty mother fucker with a patch on his back. Adrianna approached the table and placed four quarters on the edge to play next up. If he won, she’d get her turn to play him.

She seated her five foot - four inch self at the tiny raised bar table against the wall, and waited. The biker eyed her a couple times. She smiled and tucked a lock of her long black hair behind her ear, doing her best to appear innocent. She wore a loose faded denim skirt and plain white tank top. Normally, she would have dressed a bit more provocatively, but she’d run out of the house so quickly tonight, being pissed off at Bob and all. She’d make it work and take care not to get her white tank dirty.

Success, her biker won the game and it was her turn.

He turned to her and nodded.

She hopped off the bar stool and strolled over. “I’ll rack,” she said and gathered the balls at the end of the table.

He watched her as he leaned against the wall, cue stick held firmly in his hands. When she finished, she stepped back. He moved to the table, carefully taking aim on the cue ball.

He glanced up at her. “Nice rack,” he said with a smirk and nailed the cue ball, sending it into the cluster of balls with a loud crack.

Adrianna giggled. “Care to put a wager on the game?”

He arched one brow. “What’d you have in mind, little lady.”

She stepped next to him. “Well, I was thinking that if I win, I get to take you out back.” She smiled and ran one hand down his bicep. “If you win, then you get to take me out back.”

“Kinda’ forward, ain’t ya?”

“I know what I like when I see it.” She walked her fingers up his arm to his neck. “And, I like you.” She licked her lips and let a seductive grin adorn her face.

He blinked. “Can’t say no to an offer like that.” He raised his hand to shake hers. “Deal. Name’s Dean.”

“Deal.” She nodded and placed her palm gently in his. “I’m Adrianna.”

Flirtatious looks passed between them a number of times during the game. Towards the end, he leaned over her, pressing his partially hardened length against her ass.

“Thought you might need a little help with this bank shot,” he purred low in her ear.

Adrianna reached back and gripped his thigh. “Yes, thank you.” She leaned forward further, allowing him a full feel of her rounded bottom. The pool game ended relatively quickly, after that.

Dean took her pool cue and placed both against the wall, grabbed her hand and led her out the back door of the bar.

“My car is just over there.” She pointed and rushed him towards it. She didn’t need anyone seeing them.

When they reached her vehicle, she unlocked it and they slipped in the back seat.

“Fuck. You weren’t kidding lady,” he said when she hiked her skirt up and straddled his lap.

“I never kid about fucking.” She tugged open his pants and helped him scoot them down, out of the way.

She caught his gaze and held it for a moment, then slid down over his stiff cock.

His eyes glazed over, rolling in their sockets and his head fell back against the seat.

“Oh, yes, you’ll do. Nice and thick,” she muttered, rocking against him. “There we go,” she growled and sped up her movements.

He let out a few imperceptible moans as she rode him and a lazy smile spread across his face.

“That’s it, baby. Give momma what she needs.”

Hissing like a snake, her tongue transformed into its forked state, and she licked over his neck. She began riding him harder and faster, shuttling herself up and down his cock, working him into a frenzy to build his orgasm and sexual energy. She couldn’t come until he did. She needed to feed.

Feeling him tense, she slowed her movements, dragging it out.

He groaned.

She needed this; it had been too long since she had such a strong donor. She jerked his head up by the back of his hair and kissed him, sliding her forked tongue in and around his mouth, staring into his eyes, willing him to hold out a little longer. Just a little longer.

She dragged her mouth away. “Come on you fuck. More, I need more.” She sped her movements again. “Yes, yes. Fuck that’s good.”

She felt his pressure building and knew he was about to blow. She focused her now glowing red eyes on his and felt his cock jerk inside her. Once, twice… her head fell back. She moaned low and long, grinding herself against him, rocking back and forth. His cock jerked once more and she sucked up every drop he gave her. Eating all the energy she could take inside herself until her orgasm finally exploded. Her body shuddered and her limbs tingled as she was filled with the nectar of life.

Dean’s body was limp beneath hers and she rose off of him. Stepping out of the car, she tugged her skirt down and pulled him out of her back seat. Stronger now, she dragged his body behind her car, and a little ways into the woods. He’d wake in a few hours completely confused and wondering how he got there.

“Thanks, Dean. I needed that.” She laughed and gave him a little peck on his cheek.

The drive home seemed endless. She sat in the driveway for a few too many minutes, contemplating what might await her. Adrianna crept into the house quietly, feeling a bit guilty for not bringing Bob supper, and hoped he was sleeping. She’d be sure to take care of him tomorrow.

“Adrianna?” he croaked from the den.

Shit. She poked her head around the corner. “Yes, Bob?” Trying for all it was worth to sound sweet.

“Get in here, you bitch.”

“Fuck. Come on, Bob.”


She approached him slowly, but kept a good distance away. He’d be able to smell that she had fed.


She stepped beside his chair.

Bob turned his pale face towards her, boring his hollowed blue eyes into hers.

She knew they’d still have a hint of red glow to them. It’d be a few hours before that went away.

“You bring me supper?”

She sighed. “No, Bob. I didn’t.” She turned to walk away from him.

Before she could register his movement he gripped her wrist, tugging her onto his lap.

“Then I guess, you’re dinner, you bitch.” He pulled her close. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he sank his sharp fangs into her neck.

Adrianna struggled to get away as he drank, and drank, then drank more.

“Bob!” she screamed. “You’re taking too much.” She felt herself weakening. He was taking everything she just received from the biker. What was his name? She thought absently as the room spun around her. Helpless, she clutched at his shoulders as a dreadful coldness settled into her belly and then she blacked out.


Bob removed his fangs from her neck. “That’ll learn ya. Teach ya to not bring me supper.” He settled back in his recliner. Adrianna lay limp in his lap, unconscious.

Tomorrow was a new day. He’d make it up to her then.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bed and Breakfast

It had been a long while since we’d spent alone time together. Tom started his job at the firm six months ago, exactly a year after we married. We hadn’t yet celebrated our one-year anniversary. We planned to celebrate that weekend. My heart was filled with joy that kept bubbling to the surface in the form of little random giggles at the prospect of having him all to myself.

“You look really pretty, sweetheart.” Tom glanced at me, his blue eyes shining in the sun.

“Thank you.” I nodded and gazed lovingly at him.

He smiled, reached for my hand, and held it in his over the gear shift. I settled back in the heated soft leather seat of our car and watched the scenery pass by.

We were headed to Cape Cod. Snow covered the hillside and, although the trees were barren of leaves, it was lovely. The sun was low in the sky by the time we pulled into the gravel driveway of the two-story salt box house, displaying its weathered cedar shake siding and familiar sloping rear roofline, that now served as a bed and breakfast. “Dreams and Mysteries,” read the sign that swung from the white posts at the edge of the yard. The brochure advertised that the place was haunted, which seemed silly, but Tom thought it would make things interesting. When I stepped out of our car, the shock of the cold air hit me, lodged in my throat, and caused me to suck in my breath. Seagulls squawked overhead, mingling with the distant sounds of ocean waves breaking on the shore.

Tom pulled our luggage from the trunk and we hurried up the walk toward the entrance.

A small, hunched old woman greeted us at the door. She pulled her shawl tight about her shoulders and smiled up at us displaying missing teeth and a smattering of wrinkles stamped upon her face.

The house was quiet as she led us to our room. Despite the time of year, I found it odd we appeared to be the only guests there.

Our room seemed dreary, yet quaint, with its cheerful yellow walls. Shadows loomed in places the late day sun should have reached. A green and burgundy soft puffy quilt covered the four-poster cherry bed that framed the window. On the night table sat a bottle of champagne and two glasses— all very romantic. A knot formed in my stomach and the hairs on my arms rose for no apparent reason as I crossed the threshold. I moved forward and examined the charming display on the bedside table. The darkest corner loomed to my left, the shadow there seeming to shift in my peripheral vision. A chill raced down my spine.

Tom set our bags down as I moved in circles, taking in the space.

“It’s cold in here.” I rubbed my arms.

He laughed, shook his head, and kissed my cheek. “You’re always cold, sweetheart. The thermostat’s by the door, go ahead and turn it up. I’m grabbing a shower, it’s been a long day.” He disappeared into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed, smoothing the pleats in my skirt while I studied the dark angle across from me.
My stomach tightened in a bundle of nerves and my hands were sweaty. I felt off, and couldn’t figure out why.

“So pretty, Janey,” said a faint but deep voice.

“Tom, did you say something?” I heard only the water running. I tried to ignored my unease and set to unpacking our bags. It felt better to be busy.

“We’ll have such fun together, Janey. You’ll enjoy this.”

“What?” Annoyed, I walked into to the bathroom. “Honey, did you say something?”

Tom stuck his head out of the curtain, his blond hair covered in shampoo suds. “No. Why?”

“Never mind.” I eyed him for a moment, then shook my head to clear my thoughts and returned to my task. I took my time removing items from our bags and placed them carefully in the small chest of drawers, doing my best not to think about the chill building in my bones.

The sun had fallen below the horizon, an effect which added to the gloominess that now seemed to be shrouding the room. The shadows deepened and extended far beyond their initial hiding places. When I finished unpacking, I stripped out of my clothes. My skin prickled and my nipples hardened as I reached for my soft cotton nightie. I paused, naked, and stared into the dank void of the recess. Sadness spread like molasses from my heart through my veins. The shadow stretched further, closer to me, and the room grew colder. I wiped wetness from my cheek and slipped my nightie on. Sullen, I climbed into bed. I felt weak, exhausted. My limbs ached and my head throbbed. Could I be getting sick? I lay under the covers, shivering, and averted my gaze from the growing shadow in the crevice to my breath, visible before my eyes.

“Janey, look at me,” the deep voice said, a little louder.

Instinctively, I searched the benighted point again. A set of red glowing eyes hovered amid the darkness. I shot up in bed and blinked, then blinked again, trying to reconcile what I was seeing. A man? No, not exactly. It contorted and shifted and revealed its black-souled self to me. Evil.

Someone screamed.

Tom ran to me, a towel around his waist. “Janey, what’s wrong?” He gripped my shoulders.

I focused on his face. His eyes were wide and his breath sawed heavily in and out of his lungs.

“What? Let go of me, I’m fine.”

“What the hell? You were just screaming bloody murder.”

“No, I wasn’t.” What was he talking about? I hadn’t been screaming.

“Fuck him, Janey. Right now,” the voice said. Tom didn’t seem to hear it.

My body warmed and lust pooled in my stomach. I licked my lips and smiled. “I love you. Make love to me?”

His brow furrowed and he cocked his head to the side, but I pulled him to me and kissed him, soft and slow.

Tom broke the kiss. “I love you, too. What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing, why?” A throaty laugh escaped me and I glanced at the corner where the eyes watched us. I grinned at the apparition then trailed open kisses down Tom’s throat.

He groaned and pulled me back to his mouth and pressed me down on the bed. I rolled us over and straddled his hips.

Tom palmed my breasts under my nightie, then thrummed each nipple with his thumbs.

“Tie him up, Janey,” the voice whispered.

I rose from bed on command, scooped up my thigh-high panty hose, and returned to my place astride his hips. My only thought was to please the malevolence prompting me.

“What are you doing with those?” Tom laughed, tugging my nightie over my head and tossing it on the floor.

“Shh.” I pressed a finger against his lips. “Don’t move.” I rocked my hips, stroking his hardening length beneath me, prompting a low moan from him.

He needed to shut up. His incessant noise made it nearly impossible to think. When I leaned forward, I licked over his bottom lip, then bit it.

He groaned as I tugged his arms above his head and tied each wrist, with a length of hose, to the posts. I slid his cock inside my wet channel then paused, my breath leaving my lungs in a sigh, as my body adjusted to his girth. My inner walls contracted then relaxed and his hips rose off the bed, urging me to move.

“Don’t move.”

“Honey, this is—” I silenced him with a hard kiss and rocked my hips back and forth, grinding my clit against him.

“Faster. Harder, Janey,” the voice said, becoming urgent.

“Yes!” My head rolled on my shoulders and my vision grew fuzzy around the edges. The sound of my heart racing all but deafened me, but I could still hear him— it. I fucked Tom, hard and fast. I let him suckle my nipples, then pulled away.

He begged me for more.

I laughed at him. My master in the corner the only witness while I fucked my husband, exactly how it ordered me to.

“Kill him, Janey.” The voice thundered in my head.

I scanned the room, desperate to find what I needed. Then I spotted it.

Tom froze, eyes wide. “What are you—?”

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” I bashed him in the face, hard, with the champagne bottle.

Blood oozed from the wound as I took my pleasure from his cock. My orgasm roared through me like a freight train as he gurgled. My pussy clenched on his softening erection. I struck him in the face again. His nose and eyes disappeared under a pool of blood and grey matter. I hit him once more for good measure and his blood spattered me in the face and chest. I licked my lips and my tongue tingled from the coppery taste of Tom’s blood.

“That’s my girl. Thank you, Janey. You can go now.”

“What? Wait, I thought…”

Silence wrapped around me like a thick blanket and empty dread settled in the pit of my stomach. The voice was gone now. The air in the room was warm and I watched the shadows recede into their small corners and crevices of the room. I surveyed the carnage before me, the bottle still gripped tightly by my hand. What had I done?

Someone screamed. This time I knew it was me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What She Wanted

An innocent childhood crush is one of those things a person could forget about. Shawna Matthews had forgotten all about hers as she’d grown older, become an adult.

At least she thought she had... until she saw him again and it all came rushing back.

As a child, Shawna had attended eight years of Catholic grade school. Complete with plaid pleated skirts, little criss-cross ties, and knee socks. Horrid.

Anthony Fitzgerald had moved to her town in the first grade. This of course, was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Shawna. In her six year-old mind he was the end-all-be-all. A total dream; an adorable hunk of a little boy. And she was…awkward, to say the least.

Too skinny, too ordinary, and far too plain for Mister Anthony Fitzgerald.

To top off this amazing little package disguised as a boy, he was mean to her. Something that only made Shawna love him even more. Anthony used to tease her, punch her in the arm and trip her on the school playground. One time at a roller skating party he kicked her in the groin, the little fucker.

Ah, the joys and pains of childhood love.

They attended different high schools, so she hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. It was during her junior year in high school that boys started to take notice. Shawna was a late bloomer and by the time she turned fifteen, the braces were gone, her boobs had finally started growing and her narrow hips had blossomed. No more “flat as a pancake” comments for her.

The following winter, Shawna was hanging out with her current flavor of the week, and some other new friends in a shack a few delinquents had built out in the woods.

A couple of couches and one chair crowded the eight by ten space. A makeshift coffee table in the center. The ceiling hung too low making it impossible to stand up straight. And the walls had carpet remnants stapled to them in an attempt to keep in the warmth from their bodies.

Dim and dirty, the place smelled like old cigarette butts, among other things. A few candles decorated the space, adding something to the room that could never be mistaken for ambiance.

The absolute perfect place to hang out and do what teens do: Drink things they weren’t legally old enough to drink, and smoke things that weren’t legal for anyone to smoke. Good times.

A loud bang rattled the sheet of plywood that served as a door.

“Enter!” Steve focused back on the pipe he’d just packed and with a flick of his lighter, took a toke. The dude spent most of his time here, probably because it occupied the woods directly behind his house. 

The door creaked open and a blast of cold air chilled the dank space further than it already was. A flashlight beam carved through the thick haze of greenish smoke that had gathered, and they all froze, waiting to see if they were about to be busted by the cops.

“What the hell are you kids doing in there?”

“Fuck you, Ant.” Zane, Shawna’s boyfriend laughed. “Pass the pipe, Steve.”

“Fuck you back.” Ant ducked in through the door and plopped into the chair to Shawna’s left.

“Maybe later.” Zane reached for the pipe. With the flashlight off, Shawna’s eyes adjusted again. She stared at the new addition, mouth agape like a damn fish.

Holy shit, Anthony Fitzgerald. Anthony-fucking-Fitzgerald! What do you know, there was a God and he’d just smiled down on her.

Anthony caught her gaze, nodded once, and set to rolling himself a joint. Gah, he’s still gorgeous. Even more so now than just a few years ago when they’d completed eighth grade.

Puberty had been kind to him. Sandy brown hair and lazy green eyes. High cheekbones and full lips—with a bit of a pout to them. Dimples, too—one on each cheek, but only making an appearance when he smiled.

He didn’t smile a lot though, he never had.

Shawna remained quiet for the next hour and studied him. The group chatted and laughed, passing around the pipe and bottles of Boone’s. Ant, as he was now called, stayed quiet too.

Every so often he would look over at her. Does he even remember me? He must, but then again, she didn’t look anything like she had in grade school.

Shawna was hella-cute in her skin tight, acid wash jeans and thick sweater. She had great tits at the tender age of sixteen, not that you could tell with the big sweater she wore, but that wasn’t the point.

The point was, she wanted Ant to notice her. In a well-calculated move, Shawna shifted her body and draped her legs over Zane’s lap, crossing her high-heeled booted feet at the ankles. Zane’s hand trailed up and down her thigh, and every so often he would lean in and nuzzle her neck.

Shawna watched Ant.

Ant watched Zane’s hand on her leg.

A few days later Shawna dumped Zane. He was, after all, only the flavor of the week. There were a lot of those back then. But now she had a new mark, and a girl like her got what she wanted. And she wanted Anthony.

Amazing how she just happened to be hanging out with this new group, who had since the night in the shack become her friends, whenever Ant showed up from work. Amazing how he would jerk his chin in a “what’s up” gesture at her and then move off to side somewhere out of sight to roll a joint.

That wouldn’t do at all. She needed to find a way to snag his attention.

He didn’t have a car. As luck would have it, she did. One fated night, Shawna offered to pick him up one night from work when no one else wanted to. Lucky her.

“Hey.” He leaned inside the passenger window. “What’re you doing here?”

“Steve and Andrew were bitching and didn’t want to come get you. So I offered.” She gave a casual shrug. Butterflies flitted all around her stomach and she felt anything but casual as he slid into the front seat next to her.

Anthony offered a mumbled “thanks,” while lighting his cigarette. God, so fucking sexy.

They started dating a few days later, of course. Finally, she was Anthony Fitzgerald’s girlfriend and she was in heaven.

There were several heavy make-out sessions in her car, but no sex. She was still a virgin. Not that she was holding out for mister right or anything; it just happened that there hadn’t been anyone she actually wanted to give it up to. Now, Shawna wanted to give it up to Anthony, but he never made a play for it.

Like most teenage romances, theirs didn’t last long. Three weeks later Ant broke up with her over some he-said/she-said bullshit.

Shawna was completely crushed, but as it does, life went on.

She finished high school, got married, moved out of state and had a child, all in the span of ten years. When her divorce was final, she came home for a visit. Per usual, she stayed with her mother that week and was granted a hall pass for Friday night.

Shawna ran to her old stomping grounds, her favorite bar downtown, in hopes of finding a few old friends to party with.

It’d only been four years since she’d left the club scene in her small town. The bouncers and the crowd were all new though and disappointment settled heavy in her chest. When Shawna walked inside, the familiarity of the black painted walls and mahogany antique bar revived her excitement. 

The place was made up of several rooms and although not apparent from this vantage point, it was very large. After passing through the small, dark, narrow bar, it opened to a slightly roomier area filled with three tournament size pool tables. 

To the right, an enormous space unfurled, bigger than the other two sections put together. Two more bars flanked opposing sides of the concrete dance floor and a stage sat straight ahead against the back wall.

A local band played cover tunes to the crowd. Cigarette smoke lingered like a blanket under the vaulted, unfinished ceiling as the music blared. Shawna let it all wrap around her. She soaked it up and reminded herself that, though she’d been married and had a baby, she was still a hottie.

Dressed in a pair of tight Levi’s with her breasts pushed up as high as she could get them in her low cut top, she moved through the crowd. Bolstered even more by the glances she received as she stalked through the bar, Shawna grabbed a drink and wandered upstairs to her favorite spot in the small balcony.

She settled in and watched the local band play. It wasn’t as loud up there, but still not quiet enough to have a decent conversation. Shawna gazed down at the crowd and searched for any familiar face. She didn’t see one. Damn.

The balcony area was painted an odd shade of peach, almost as if it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be pink or orange. It had a few tiny, shadowed corners, perfect to hide in and escape the crowd, and a couple two-person tables. People came and went. Some caught her eye, most didn’t.

Then she saw him, beer in hand, standing in the farthest corner behind her.

Anthony Fitzgerald. Anthony-fucking-Fitzgerald!

How long had he been there? She cocked her head to the side as she stared at him. His mouth quirked a bit with a smile and her stomach clenched. Then he jerked his chin at her, like he'd always done. Good God.

Man, he looked good. Too good. Calm, cool, and collected. Typical Ant.

Shawna smiled mustered her courage and squared her shoulders. Answering his unspoken call, Shawna approached him on trembling legs. She looked hot, she knew she did, but this was Ant for fuck’s sake! Could she pull his attention a second time? You’re the girl who gets what you want, remember? Shawna still wanted Anthony and she knew this would be her only shot at the prize.

“How ya doing Ant?”

“Fine. It’s Tony now, no one’s called me Ant since we were kids.” He briefly met her eyes before focusing on her cleavage, then looking away. “You look good.”

She laughed. “Alright, Tony it is. Though I make no promises I won’t slip up.” She tapped his beer bottle with her glass and ignored his compliment.

“Fair enough.”

Silence stretched between them along with a heavy dose of awkward. Shawna moved to his side, and leaned against the wall.

“So, how ya doing? Shit, I asked that already.” Shawna let out a nervous laugh and stirred her drink with its small straw. “It’s been a really long time. It’s good to see you Ant—Tony.”

“Yeah, it has. Didn’t you move, get married or some shit?”

“Sure did. Had a kid, too. A little girl.”

“Congrats. Where’s your man?” He took a pull from his bottle.

“Who knows? Not mine anymore. We’re divorced.” She turned to face him. A shadow of a goatee framed his mouth and her fingers itched to touch it.

He looked over at her with a level stare. “Is that so?”

“Sure as hell is. Fuck him and the bitch he fucked in our bed.” Shawna shrugged one shoulder and took a sip from her drink.

Her gaze never left his. Anthony’s traveled down and settled on her lips as she licked the liquid from them.

Shawna smiled. Got him.

She wasn’t even sure how it happened, but at some point, as the alcohol took hold of her warming her limbs, Shawna reached up and stroked over his goatee. The next thing she knew he had her pressed against the wall kissing her, asking her in between sucks and licks to her mouth what she wanted. Did she want to go to a hotel or to her car? Did she want him?

“Come on, tell me.” He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her again.

Fucking hell yes, she wanted him. I have to have him. Shawna needed that man between her thighs so badly she would’ve dropped her pants right then and there if he’d asked her to.

He was drunk though, and she really wanted him sober, or at least half-sober and she told him as much.

“This is the only way it’s gonna happen.” His voice was low and raspy as he nuzzled her neck.
What the fuck did that mean? Did it mean he’d only fuck her wasted out of his gourd, or was he always wasted out of his gourd? Screw it. She didn’t care. It didn’t matter. She’d take her chance anyway.

They drove to his parents’ house and parked off to the side behind some pine trees. It felt like high school all over again... until they got into her backseat.

Anthony stripped off her shirt as he kissed her, biting her lips and tongue. Their teeth banged into each other as he maneuvered her out of her pants.

Jesus, she had to lean over and crack the window. It was damn hot in there, and the glass began to steam over as their heated breaths filled the now cramped interior of her car. Naked as a Jaybird, Shawna was grateful for the camouflage of the dark and the fogged windows.

Running her hands up his sides, she pulled his shirt over his head then tugged open his jeans, freeing his cock. Jackpot! Rock hard and just for me. Fuck, absolutely perfect, too. She knew it would be.

With a groan, she gripped his shaft in her hand and stroked it. Ant sucked in a breath and his head fell back against the seat, his eyes trained on her in the dim moonlight.

In a blur of movement, he grabbed the back of Shawna’s head and twisted her hair in his fist then yanked her to his mouth. Holy shit!

His kiss grew hot and aggressive, like an animal, as he attacked her lips and tongue. Then he pulled her onto his lap. She straddled him; her knees on either side of his hips. He palmed her tits, squeezed them together in a fierce hold, and then bit her nipples. One, then the other, torturing each to a tight nub.

Shawna cried out at the delicious sting of pain and dug her nails into his shoulders. He let go of her breasts, only to seize her ass in a death grip and ram his cock deep inside her pussy. Surely she’d have bruises in the morning, but she didn’t care. This was too good to stop.

A lot of moaning and grunting filled the space. Not much talking. Occasionally one of them would let out a “fuck” or a “yes.”

Anthony ground his teeth into the soft flesh of her shoulders and neck as well as equally sucking and biting her nipples. All the while keeping a relentless hold on her ass as he pumped his hips bouncing her up and down on his cock, over and over again.

Shawna’s body melted in pure bliss when her orgasm rose fast and crashed down over her as he fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life. She loved every sadistic minute of it.

She drove him back to his car when we they were done. On the way there he chuckled and told her he liked it rough. You think? She was sore in places she didn’t even know existed. “Liking it rough” was an understatement.

Shawna woke the next morning and wandered out to the kitchen. Her mother sat at the table, having her coffee. Pouring herself a cup, she turned and leaned against the counter, marveling at the familiar site of her mom in their family home.

“Have any fun last night?” Her mother sipped her coffee.

Shawna eyed her over her steaming cup. “Boy howdy.” Blowing out a breath, she quirked a brow.

“You look a little rode hard and put away wet.” Her mother set her cup down.

“Well, mom…” Shawna walked to the table. “I had sex with Anthony Fitzgerald last night.”

“You did? Oh my God.” Her eyes widened and she clasped her hands together. “Was it any good?”

Shawna laughed and pulled the collar of her loose nightie to the side. “What do you think?”

“Holy shit!” Her mother touched the bite marks on Shawna’s shoulder tenderly. Do they hurt?”

“Everything hurts, but it was worth it.” Shawna grinned.

She finally got her mark, and in more ways than one. A girl like Shawna Matthews gets what she wants. She wanted Anthony.

And she got him.