Dorothy F. Shaw latest interview by AllAuthor Author Dorothy F Shaw grew up in Connecticut and remembers her childhood fondly with the memory of her father and playing with her cousins. An admirer of sunsets, Dorothy claims that Arizona, where she lives now has the best sunsets in the world. Enjoying fine dining, beer breweries, small towns and antique stores apart from writing, Shaw did not read much as a kid but tells that Walk Through Cold Fire, by Cin Forshay-Lunsford changed her in irrevocable ways. A mother of three working in Corporate America for over twenty years, and a full-time writer, she tries to manage everything to her best by creating schedules and being disciplined.
She wrote her first poem on a blog in 2009 titled ‘Inside My Head’, and has a three book series with Kensington’s Lyrical line called Arizona K9 coming soon and is very excited about it! Read full interview...

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Life and Work with Dorothy F. Shaw

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dorothy F. Shaw.
Thanks for sharing your story with us Dorothy. 
So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

I stumbled into writing, rather accidentally. Somewhere around 2009, I started reading again. It was a welcome distraction from a very busy life. A short time later, I became close friends with an aspiring author, and she introduced me to Twitter. Long story short, the aspiring authors I met online encouraged me to write. They said I had a voice. I said they were crazy. Read full interview...

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