The Donnellys Series:  

Jaded Heart 
(The Donnellys, #4)

Even jaded hearts can be tempted into trying again.

When Angela Donnelly heads to Arizona for a family event, she meets older and hotter-than-hell, Garrett James.

Garrett runs a small concert venue on the outskirts of Phoenix…and that’s about as close as he wants to come to the music biz. His hey-day in the late 90s, playing bass and singing with his band, Copper Seven, is long gone. Far from the limelight and willingly single, the only woman Garrett wants or needs in his life is his daughter.

That is until he meets the way too young for him, Angie. Long dark hair and long legs have always been his downfall and Garrett can’t keep his eyes, or his hands off of her.

Angie might be young, but she’s no fool. She knows a good thing when she’s found one—Garrett is a once-in-a-lifetime good thing for her.

But Garrett can’t seem to convince Angie that he’s not her once in a lifetime anything. As far as he’s concerned, he’s absolutely the wrong man for her with nothing to offer someone as promising as Angie.

Angie recognizes that Garrett has his heart fully guarded. But when he gives her everything she wants, except his heart, she knows this will be the fight of her life.

And Angie won’t back down. Or give up.

Warning: This book contains a very broken hero and a very determined heroine. An age gap, and a lot of angst.

On a more serious note, here’s the trigger warning: Jaded Heart goes into detail about what alcoholism and drug addiction can do to a person. It also touches on a past death as a result of an overdose and the effect that has on family members.

Shattered Heart 
(The Donnellys, #3)

A crush is just a fantasy. The real thing packs some serious heat.

When Cynthia Donnelly lays eyes on her high school crush at her brother's wedding rehearsal, she regrets her self-imposed one-year moratorium on dating. If possible, he's even hotter now than when they were teens.

Back in school, Shane made a point to ignore his best friend's cute, sassy little sister. Now that she's grown into an incredibly sexy woman full of Irish spunk, resisting her is out of the question. Besides, in his book all "hands off" rules have expired.

One sizzling night together should have been enough. Instead the heat rises, tempting Cyn to take a chance on a long-distance relationship and making Shane consider pulling up stakes and moving back to LA.

Cyn's recently dumped ex, however, has other ideas. His quest to get her back escalates into violence, shattering Cyn's faith in herself and in anyone of the male persuasion - and leaving Shane with his work cut out for him to repair the damage or lose his shot at a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Warning: This book contains a physical assault. Buckle up for a bumpy emotional journey with the characters as they fall apart and then slowly find their way to healing and to each other. You might get angry or tearful along the way, you may even get frustrated, but as with any good love story, it'll be worth it in the end.

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Defensive Heart 
(The Donnellys, #2)


Uptown girl, tattooed bad boy. Think you know which one is wild? You’d be wrong.

Greenwich Village is home to successful artist Jimmy Donnelly, and the world is his playground. A broken heart in college left him with zero interest in being tied down. But when he meets a sexy, quick-witted Manhattan attorney, he reconsiders his bad boy ways.

Sonja Martin’s life is filled with work, an ex-husband who refuses to stay gone, and a teenage daughter who won’t follow the rules. Jimmy, with his myriad of tattoos and piercings, looks more like one of her clients than a potential lover. But when every argument between them feels more like foreplay, she can’t seem to stay out of his bed.

The heat burns through whatever defenses Sonja thought she had. And Jimmy finds his every fantasy fulfilled—and exceeded—by a woman whose fire burns as bright as her fiercely guarded vulnerability. But his case for breaking her out of her self-imposed mold might just be dismissed. And he’ll lose the best thing he’s ever found.

Warning: This book might piss you off. But if I’ve done my job, while you’re busy being pissed off, you’ll also fall in love with the hero and the heroine. May contain: A pompous, misogynistic ex-husband. A rebellious teenager. A ton of sex. Adventurous sex. Make-up sex. Desperate-OMG-GET-YOUR-CLOTHES-OFF sex… Did I mention there’s a lot of sex? 

Unworthy Heart 
(The Donnellys, #1)

Opposites not only attract, sometimes they spontaneously combust.

Ryan Donnelly’s past relationship may have failed, but he’s determined to make single fatherhood and his career a resounding success. He’s got his eye on the top of the ladder at an L.A. marketing firm when his gaze snags on co-worker Maiya Rossini.
She’s a feisty, witty, tattooed redhead who’s nowhere near his type, but she pushes every one of his hot buttons.

Maiya clawed her way out of her dysfunctional, trailer-park childhood to earn a college degree and establish a promising career. Her future dreams are big, bright and packed with full-throttle fun, but when it comes to matters of the heart and men—especially stuffy corporate types like Ryan—her past slams on the emotional brakes.

In the office and in the bedroom, Maiya and Ryan rub each other in all the right ways. Though Maiya is everything Ryan didn’t know he wanted, he’s got his work cut out for him convincing her she’s worthy of love—or the bright light she’s brought to his life could slip through his fingers.

Warning: Contains a lot of graphic, yummy sex. To those prone to lock their bedroom doors, fair warning. In this book, there are no doors, only windows. With no curtains. For those who aren’t afraid to keep their eyes wide open: Enjoy the show!

* * *

AZ K9 (not really K9) series: 

Trusting The Badge
Book 3

Love at first night...

Shuttled between her alcoholic parents and foster homes that separated her from her beloved younger brother, Steven, it’s no wonder Tish Beck is a woman with trust issues. To avoid getting hurt—or hurting someone else—she’s kept her romantic life commitment-free, and that’s fine by her. Until she meets exasperatingly hot, funny, smart-ass K9 officer Jeffrey Pearl, and stupidly spends the night with him . . .
Currently single and content, Jeff’s always got his canine bestie, Rio, by his side, and loads of human friends. He enjoys the occasional close encounter, but hasn’t been tempted into anything serious. Until Tish. He’s inexplicably head over heels. Too bad she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. 

But when Tish’s brother winds up in jail—again—Jeff’s glad to be the man Tish turns to for help. And with Steven back on the scene, she’ll need it. 

Soon Tish will have to open her eyes—and her heart—to love, and realize where, and with whom, her safety truly lies . . .

Redeeming The Badge
Book 2

She was always the girl of his dreams

In high school, she was the girl most likely to live happily ever after—rich, popular, beautiful...and maybe just a little mean. But Heather Winters' dreams of marriage and motherhood haven't worked out as she hoped. Now she's back in Arizona, trying to reinvent herself. She knows what she doesn't want: a serious relationship. 

She doesn't remember Robert Caldwell from high school, but the good-looking K-9 officer is everything she's looking for in a short-term fling.
A routine traffic stop brings Rob face to face with the girl who fueled his teenage fantasies—and she's even more ravishing than ever. The former homecoming queen didn't know he was alive back then. 

Now she's changed—and she's hurting. 

Despite how great they are together in bed, Heather isn't letting him anywhere near her heart. But he's got a plan—and with a little help from his canine partner, Tricks, he'll show Heather that together, they have all the happiness they'll ever need...

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Avoiding The Badge
Book 1

Just what the doctor ordered

Rayna Michaels may be a veterinarian, but she knows a little something about the human heart--especially when it comes to worried pet owners. Law enforcement's bonds with their K9 partners are legendary, and Derek Hansen is a perfect example--he's had his dog Axle in more times than she can count in the last few months. And Derek's sculpted muscles and heart-stopping smile would be truly irresistible, if only he wasn't an officer of the law...
Derek can't get Rayna's stunning face and no-nonsense smarts out of his mind. Any excuse to see her will do, until he works up the nerve to ask her out. He's not sure where her resistance to cops comes from, though he's more than willing to prove he's one of the good ones. 

But when casual dating turns into explosive lovemaking, Derek knows he has to come clean about his past before the woman he loves finds out what he's been hiding and turns tail to run...

* * *

Single Title: Short Stories, Novellas and Novels

A Few More Rules

Sometimes getting on your knees leads down a path of salvation…and happily ever after.

Finding “the one” is never easy for anybody, but Bethany Carlson hasn’t even bothered looking for hers. Especially since finding a true submissive male is something that only exists in her deepest fantasies. That is until she meets Rig.

Rig Jenkins, a former college football hopeful turned strip club bouncer, is out for a night to escape the grind of daily life…and the past he can never quite forget. He isn’t looking for anyone or anything, but when he catches a glimpse of Bethany, and her girl-next-door appearance, he can’t help but want to know more.

Bethany knows immediately that Rig is the sort of man she could only dream of—strong, submissive and meant only for her. But is Rig strong enough to let her lead him to the place he was always meant to be?

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Yes, Darling

Of course, sweetheart.

This weekend is Janie and Tom Johnson’s chance to finally celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary.

And Janie’s determined to make it perfect.

Even though it’s off-season, the Dreams and Mysteries B&B is the picture of perfection—until Janie can’t seem to shake the nagging, uneasy feelings plaguing her. Dark shadows, creepy nightmares, and a constant chill in her bones put a damper on the weekend in a big way.

Her darling husband does what he can to calm her fears, but in the end, it’s Janie who finally pulls herself together.

And, with a little help, finishes off their weekend with a bang Tom wasn’t prepared for.

Warning: This book is a very steamy horror—complete with scary, horror type things. And that thing couples do together naked!

Stripped Bounty

Protecting her isn’t an option. It’s a requirement.

Badger finally got Rosie in his bed, but in order to keep her there, he has to figure out how to save her life.

After her drug-running husband gets himself killed, Rosie Santini figures Phoenix is a fine place to get a fresh start. Deuce’s strip club isn’t too fresh, but the money’s easy. As she works the pole, the only gaze she can’t ignore belongs to the club’s head bouncer, Badger Baxter. But Rosie’s seen her fair share of tall, dark, and dangerous, and no way is she heading down that road. Not even for a hot hunk of muscle like Badger.

When he’s not bounty hunting, Badger runs security at Deuce’s. Rosie should be just another piece of fresh meat in the club’s stable of pole jockeys, but all her sexy parts add up to a ride Badger would like to test drive. Trouble is, Badger likes his women submissive, but not broken. She’s definitely got baggage he wants no part of. But when her husband’s killer shows up looking for stolen cash, she fits naturally under his protection—and it isn’t long before she’s hooked deep into his heart.

So deep, losing her now would make him bleed in more ways than one.

Warning: This book contains violent situations due to physical altercations and gunfire. Be on the look out for D/s sexual play, which may cause drooling and might have you reaching for the nearest man or battery operated boyfriend.

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You’re welcome…

High-powered executive, Dean Richards can't seem to get enough of his favorite exotic dancers at the Red Panther Gentleman's Club. 

RayAnne and Kyra are the feature act; putting on a vampire performance you can sink your teeth into--complete with fangs, and the sexual lure only a creature of the night can offer.

But when Kyra makes Dean a proposition he can't refuse, some intimate playtime, the arrogant executive gets more than he bargained for: The time of his life. Plus two, undeniably real vampires.

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Honey & Ice

Desi Profit has had her eye on the tall and delicious biker, Griffin Sinclair, for a while now. A little too tipsy one night, Desi confesses her obsession to a mutual friend and asks him to relay her fantasy to Griffin.

Having no idea if the message was delivered—and half praying it wasn’t—Desi runs into Griffin a week later. And when the hotter-than-hell biker puts her on the back of his motorcycle, Desi has no idea she’s in for the wildest, most exciting ride of her life.

***This is a quick hit, very VERY steamy short story. I mean seriously, there is no romance, not even insta-love. But there is definitely HOT NAUGHTY TIME and everyone gets a happy ending!

Against the Wall

Sometimes going backward is just what you need to move forward.

Maggie has spent the last several months nursing a broken heart—compliments of Jake. But is she really over him? When Jake shows up out of the blue, saying all the right things, Maggie must decide if she’s going to get back on the same old merry-go-round in hopes that he’s really changed…or find a way to finally heal and move forward.

Product Warning: This book is not a romance but it is a love story...a tragic one, but a love story just the same.

Spare Hearts

Stuck in this dead-beat town for too long, Candy Jameson is itching for some action. And the magnetically sexy, Sterling Dey might just be her chance to get back in the game . . . at least for a night. Soon the sparks flying between Candy and Sterling ignite into a fiery encounter that scorches the lanes. But when Sterling wants more than just one night with Candy, she's not sure she's ready to bet her heart on a one-night stand.

Former professional bowling champion Sterling Dey wants to reclaim his title. This sleepy alley in a small Texas town with no distractions is the perfect place to practice until Sterling lays his eyes--and more--on the joint's sultry night manager.

As attraction becomes more than desire and the pins start stacking up against them, Candy and Sterling's future may just come down to the roll of the ball.

Play Date

Fun comes in all sorts of species...

Ivy Bailey's pub, the Dionysus Vine, is a place where all kinds of paranormal species are welcome to long as the humans also drinking there aren't aware of their presence. When her old friend, Knox Barrett, who also happens to be a werewolf, rolls into Ivy's pub for a few drinks, she's more than happy to oblige.

The one thing Ivy doesn't tolerate in her bar is trouble. And trouble is exactly what just walked in the front door. With her old friend covering her back, dealing with the oddly matching couple causing a malevolent disturbance in the pub might just be the best night Knox and Ivy have had in a long time.

Product Warning: THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE - It's an Urban Fantasty short story. --This story contains a lot of cursing, definitely violence and two pretty gnarly deaths. Just go with it, it's paranormal. But also, there's no sex. I repeat, there is NO SEX.
--I know that's hard to believe coming from me (Dorothy) but it's true! Enjoy!

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